For your next custom design, consider the gemstone you’ve probably never heard of.

Do you want a sapphire or ruby ring and are afraid of the price tag? Consider the spinel instead. Never heard of it? We’re pretty sure you’ve seen it, although you may have mistaken it for that ruby or sapphire you admire. The spinel can imitate valuable stones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds while costing a fraction of the price. It’s often called the chameleon of gemstones.

Trendy, Affordable and Colorful

Natural spinel is rare, beautiful and available in a spectrum of vibrant colors. They do not require enhancements to boost color or clarity like lower grade sapphires and rubies. In their purest form, spinels are colorless. Only through the presence of trace elements (chromium, iron and cobalt) do they acquire their colorful nature. Spinel’s intense saturation of color makes it a wonderful choice for the center stone of an engagement ring or a pair of attention-getting earrings.

6 Reasons to Choose a Spinel Gemstone

  1. Modest price – about half the price of a comparably-sized ruby or sapphire
  2. Colors galore – one to fit every mood
  3. Hardness – rated an 8 on the Mohs scale, it is excellent daily wear gem
  4. Suitable for most jewelry styles – as a center ring stone, as earrings or a necklace
  5. High refractive index – responds well to faceted cuts, often cut in cushion, oval and pear shapes.
  6. Mined worldwide – found on every continent, especially Asia; some colors are unique to a region; varieties are Ceylonite, Chromite, Gahnospinel, Hercynite and Pleonaste

The Great Pretender

Throughout history, spinel gemstones, often called Balas rubies, are confused with rubies and other more valuable stones. The famous Black Prince Ruby, is actually the world’s largest uncut spinel. Sitting atop Britain’s Imperial Royal Crown, it weighs 170 carats and is given to Edward, the Prince of Wales in 1367. Jewelry boxes and state treasuries across Europe are filled with spinels once mistaken for rubies and sapphires.

Spinel Color for Every Occasion

  • Bright Red – all shades of red from rose to orange/red
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Vivid Pink and Orange
  • Pale Lavender – the most affordable
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Close to Colorless

A colorless/flawless natural spinel is the rarest and most valuable.

Here’s Your Chance for Rainbow Jewelry

They say in Burma (Myanmar) that spinels are “nat thive” or “polished by the spirits.” The gemstones are considered perfect. They have octahedral crystal inclusions that can be hidden (by using a specific cut) or enhanced to create a star-effect reflection of these crystal flaws.

Spinels have a high brilliance when faceted. Because they can imitate so many precious gemstones with their intense colors and firey sparkle, the spinel is a worthy alternative to expensive gems.

Spinels are finally gaining the respect they deserve. With all the fantastic colors to choose from, narrowing your selection down to just one may be close to impossible. Which is why you could be in the market for a fashionable multi-color jewelry piece that’s all the rage right now.

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