Estate Jewelry

If you are looking for something truly special we will help.

We have long standing relationships enabling us to find the perfect piece for you. Whether it is an Art Deco bracelet, an Art Nouveau ring, a Georgian brooch, etc. We will put together a selection with many options for you to choose from.

Indy Facets works with several of the largest estate jewelry dealers in the nation from New York to Beverly Hills.

There is nothing like the old world craftsmanship of a fine piece of estate jewelry.

There are many great classic pieces of jewelry out there, but only a small handful actually qualify as estate collection quality. Much of it has just been loved a little too much. As jewelers, we love that! Jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed by generations. But, when you want to purchase a piece of jewelry history, there are a number of things to look out for including poor quality repairs, stone replacements, hidden damage, and hairline fractures that can impact the value of a piece dramatically.

We are experts at identifying all of these issues, ensuring we can stand behind the piece and provide you with a work of art that will continue to withstand the test of time.

Any piece of jewelry, no matter how well loved, can be professionally restored, and we are the experts to turn to if you have a piece in this condition. We are able to bring back the life and charm of the piece, making it as close to new as possible. Restoring your heirloom for the next generation to enjoy.

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