This isn’t a year to be shy. In 2019, jewelry is oversize and bursting with confidence.

Tuck your dainty jewelry into the jewelry box for a while. Style experts are predicting a surge in popularity for big, loud, colorful jewelry that makes a bold fashion statement in your everyday outfits.

Fashion runways are already full of chunky earrings, oversize necklaces and piles of glittering bracelets. And it’s not just about wearing a single statement piece – this year, you can sport diamond hoop earrings plus a pile of ropy gold chains. Consider these fun and fashionable 2019 trends to try.

Seashell Bling

Diamond-encrusted seashells, sea stars and other oceanic shapes are having a big moment. High-end designers like Anna Sui, Oscar de la Renta and Missoni have all incorporated seashell patterns and jewelry into their 2019 fashion lines.

Coin Charms

Coins are appearing everywhere in jewelry: as earrings, on pendants, adorning cuffs and in piles of coin chains. Gold coins look especially luxe when paired with accents of pearls or diamonds.


Traditional hoop earrings are always fun, but crescent and open-circle shapes are an even bigger trend for 2019. Choose a thick gold choker band that encircles 90% of your neck. Or wear oversize crescent moon earrings in gleaming silver.

Color Blocking

Boxy and blocky contrasting colors are in. Envision a ring with two huge square gems – a sapphire and an emerald. Or buddy up with a friend to buy two beautiful pairs of identical oversize stud earrings, in two different bold gem colors, so each of you can wear one of each.

Bold Logos and Names

Give a shout-out through jewelry. Chanel, Dior and Gucci are bringing back their classic oversize logo and name-shaped necklaces, earrings, belts and more. Join the trend by wearing your love’s name on a necklace or your family crest on an oversize ring – always with a hefty dose of diamonds.

Enormous Earrings

Think of the biggest earrings you’ve ever worn, then double or triple their size. Huge earrings are in style for 2019, especially in organic shapes like flowers, waves, spirals and scallops.

Glitter and Sparkle

Maybe your jewelry needs a big dash of glitter – the kind that can only come from a cascade of sparkling colored gemstones. Try a pair of jeweled disco ball earrings. Glittering jewelry not only oomph’s up an outfit, it looks great on Instagram.

No matter which trends you try this year, always wear jewelry that allows you to feel 100% confident. Shed your inhibitions, shake up your style and don’t be afraid to go bold in 2019.

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