Jewelry Repair, Restoration & Appraisal

Is your gold, platinum, or silver jewelry getting dull and dingy?

Are the diamonds or gemstones loose in their settings? Would you like a ring re-sized? Are your favorite earrings or special necklace in need of repair? We can help with that! In our experience, the charm of any piece of jewelry, no matter how well loved, can be brought back to life, making it as close to new as possible.

Preserving the beauty of your jewelry not only keeps it looking its best, it helps protect and prolong the life of each piece.

That’s why you should have your jewelry professionally inspected, cleaned, repaired, restored, redesigned and appraised at Indy Facets. We are the experts who can help with everything from simple repairs and complete restorations to professional appraisals, which will increase both the value and appeal of your treasured ring, bracelet, necklace, broach, pendant, watch, earrings, diamonds – all the jewelry that’s important to you. We assist with all aspects of jewelry care, including:

  • Jewelry inspection
  • Cleaning gemstones
  • Restringing pearls
  • Ring sizing
  • Repairing clasps, chains, safety chains and earring backs
  • Re-tipping prongs
  • Replacing ring shanks
  • Jewelry cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating
  • Soldering charms
  • Resetting and replacing stones
  • Jewelry, gemstone and diamond
  • Appraisals
  • Restoration, refinishing, redesign

Indy Facets will repair and restore your jewelry to its original beauty.

With our onsite, state-of-the-art Custom Design Studio and Gemological Laboratory, your jewelry is always in good hands. Owner/Designer Shaun Goodyear is a GIA Gemologist who loves to take his years of expertise, experience and relationships in the jewelry industry and use them to keep your precious jewelry and heirlooms looking as magnificent as possible.

Schedule your private appointment today.

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