Engagement Rings

Do you know the definition of an engagement ring?

Sure there are many different definitions depending on who you ask. But our belief at Indy Facets is this:

“An engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of love, representing a promise, sacrifice, and a lifetime of commitment to the person you love.”

Because an engagement ring and your wedding band are the two most sacred pieces of jewelry you will wear. Indy Facets takes great pride and is honored to be your partner in creating an engagement ring as unique as your relationship.

I’m sure you have already decided she needs the most beautiful diamond and she may have also given you some style points on the ring.

This is great! We definitely want her to be happy, that is the #1 goal when buying jewelry. Start collecting pictures or check her Pinterest page for ideas. At Indy Facets, we care about educating our clients so that you know your options and love what we create for you. Check out our blog to learn more about engagement rings. We are a great resource with a wealth of ideas, and we will be here every step of the way to help you through this process. Just share a little about her likes and style with us, and we will be your guide.

The large majority of the rings we design are customized for you. The relationship between the two of you is unique and we believe your ring should be too! Contrary to what most jewelers would have you believe, custom jewelry is often a more affordable option than designer rings. This allows us to put more of your total budget towards a higher quality and/or larger diamond. Our office has an onsite Jewelry Design Studio complete with state of the art jewelry making technology.

We have also proudly designed our own unique Indy Facets collection of engagement rings. We have created many of our own variations of today’s most popular styles. In addition, if you’d prefer a designer ring, or have already found the perfect one, we can get it for you. And almost always at a better price.

What does it look like when you decide to create a custom engagement ring through Indy Facets? First, you will set a private appointment with us, either by calling in or scheduling one online. At the appointment, you will see our custom design studio and gemological laboratory. We work with you on creating the perfect ring, doing everything from picking out the right gems to reviewing your design wishes. When you see the finished piece, we know it will exceed your expectations!

Most of our designs are done in either Platinum or 18kt white, rose, or yellow gold. However, we have the ability to work with any precious metal to suit your design and budget. We can work with you on special payment options for your engagement ring so that it is most convenient for you.

Check out our custom page

to see how you can design your very own ring!


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I do!

About IndyFacets

Indy Facets is all about making your life simple and easy, in a fun environment where there is no stress and no judgment! When working with us, you will have a great experience, get the prettiest diamonds and jewelry, the finest craftsmanship and the best value!

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