It’s the first big thing you do on the way to having that lifetime you dream of with the person you love – buying an engagement ring. Here’s how to get it right.

It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed when trying to select an engagement ring. You’re already nervous about the proposal and hoping to hear an enthusiastic affirmative. The right ring helps all of that fall into place.

How do you make sure you’re choosing the perfect ring for your love to wear forever? Try these tips that will help things go smoothly.

Think in Threes

It’s not just about the engagement ring. It’s about three rings: the engagement ring, the matching wedding band and your wedding band. This trio is known as the wedding set. Ideally, they should all complement one another. If you purchase them together, you can save some cash.

Mismatching is a Mistake

If you don’t buy all three rings together or buy them willy-nilly without thinking in threes, you could end up with clashing rings that look clunky or even cause damage when worn together (to the rings and your fingers). For example, a platinum ring can easily scratch a white gold ring stacked next to it. That’s a serious mismatch.

Notice Shapes

Diamonds and gemstones are cut in different shapes – round, oval, pear, radiant, emerald, marquise. It’s a good idea to at least know the overall shape your love prefers in rings. In the weeks and months before your proposal, pay attention to the rings she wears, the jewelry she admires on other people and her fashion sense in general. What shapes stand out?

Settle on a Metal

The precious metal matters. Certain metals might be aesthetically preferable or prone to causing an allergic reaction. What metals does your love already wear? Platinum? Gold? Rose gold?

Get to Know the 5 Cs

A good jeweler can educate you about the 4 Cs: color, clarity, cut and carat weight of a diamond or precious gemstone. A great jeweler tactfully handles the fifth C, which is cash – your budget. These five aspects of ring buying impact your choices, so be upfront with your jeweler about what you can afford to spend.

Customization Is All That

Metals, gems, style and proportion are all extremely important in selecting the right rings. A ring that looks great in the shop may look strangely out of proportion on the finger of your beloved. Consider working with a personal jeweler who can provide a completely customized experience. It’s the best way to find something that suits you both beautifully for the rest of your lives together.

Thinking of a Valentine’s Day Engagement?

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Indy Facets – Everyone’s Private Jeweler

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