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This is where we invite you to share stories of your time at Indy Facets. Share your engagement stories and the thrill of finding the perfect ring. Let everyone know about the anniversary gift that your significant other loved.

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Carl Peters

Found this company online after seeing some pictures of there rings they have made on various sites online, got in contact and spoke to Shaun, and he did everything we asked in record time, and made the (...)

Find Indy Facets Online

Selling An Engagement Ring

Jay Gala

Searched all around Indy for the best return on selling an engagement ring. I kept getting the run-around and low-ball offers. When I met with Shaun, he was very straight forward and up-front. He told (...)

Selling An Engagement Ring

Expert Gemologist

Kemmie Mitzell

Shaun is fantastic. I've seen him twice. He offered me a generous sum of money for some of my old jewelry the first time I saw him. The second time, I needed a minor repair done, and when I asked him how (...)

Expert Gemologist

Excellent Service

Lauren Knopfler

Excellent Service! At Indy Facets, they really know how to make you feel special!! They provide a one on one experience with a knowledgeable gemologist, Shaun, who truly cares about what YOU want, and (...)

Excellent Service

About IndyFacets

Indy Facets is all about making your life simple and easy, in a fun environment where there is no stress and no judgment! When working with us, you will have a great experience, get the prettiest diamonds and jewelry, the finest craftsmanship and the best value!

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