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At Indy Facets
we love jewelry!

All jewelry! Fancy, simple, elegant, even costume jewelry! Jewelry is something that has been worn and cherished by people for thousands of years. It is a statement of our unique individuality from one person to another.

The number one goal at Indy Facets is to help you express yourself and have fun doing it!

We can create the perfect ring, necklace, pair of earrings, bracelet, toe ring… If you can imagine it, have a place to wear it, and it’s made out of precious metal and gemstones we can make it for you. Our office has an onsite Jewelry Design Studio complete with state of the art jewelry making technology and equipment.

The Process


3D CAD Rendering

3D Print

I do!

Fine Jewelry can be the perfect gift to show someone how much you care. Often times the most meaningful custom piece of jewelry starts with something you have inherited.

Custom designing a new piece is a great way to use gemstones or diamonds from different family pieces to create a unique piece for you and your family as it grows.

But what if you just need that perfect pair of earrings to match an outfit or to wear for a special event? At Indy Facets we have the ability to create anything you’re envisioning. In any budget, there is no request too large or too small.

We have access to almost every designer jewelry collection, so if you’ve already seen something that’s perfect, let us get it for you.

One of Shaun’s many talents is taking his years of expertise, experience and relationships in the jewelry industry and using them to find that perfect piece you’ve been dreaming of.

In his career, he has built many friendships with some of the world’s most renowned artist and jewelers. He has personally worked with and has access to some of the largest investment grade white diamonds along with some of the rarest natural color diamonds and gemstones, some worth more than a million dollars per carat.

About IndyFacets

Indy Facets is all about making your life simple and easy, in a fun environment where there is no stress and no judgment! When working with us, you will have a great experience, get the prettiest diamonds and jewelry, the finest craftsmanship and the best value!

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