The Allure of the Marquise Diamond

Isn’t It Gorgeous?

This custom designed woodland engagement set showcases the allure of the marquise cut diamond. Considered a brilliant cut, the elongated shape and pointed tips of the stone give the illusion that it is larger than any other diamond of equal carat size.

Originally, the marquise cut is created only for the diamond, making a most flattering engagement ring; now the cut is very popular for other gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds. When it débuts however, its sparkle and dramatic shape bring a new level of sophistication to the jewelry world as well as instant admiration from diamond lovers.

The Delight of a Smile

The classic marquise cut has a history that dates to the 18th century. The name refers to a rank in a royal family between count and duke, given by birthright rather than marriage or appointment. These courtiers would frequently show off their diamond jewelry to flaunt their rank in society. The original version of the cut is made by King Louis XV’s jeweler, after he is commissioned to create a uniquely shaped diamond that resembles the mouth of the King’s mistress. As a result, they say the marquise diamond “resembles the delight of a smile.”

A variant of round and pear-shaped diamonds, the marquise not only complements long, slender fingers, it even has a slimming effect on the hand of the wearer. Its shape looks especially graceful in solitaire and halo engagement ring settings. Its majestic nature makes the marquise ideal for cocktail and right-hand rings as well as engagement rings.

The Unusual Shape

The marquise has almost 60 facets within its round central shape and sharply pointed ends. Important anatomical features include:

  • Belly – the central area of the marquise diamond is the widest.
  • Point – the two ends of the marquise diamond are the sharpest.
  • Wing – the curved area of the marquise diamond is between its belly and its points.
  • Girdle – the edge of the marquise diamond is the intersection of the top and bottom facets and circles the diamond.
  • Keel Line – the line of the marquise diamond is up to down over its length.

Less common than other cuts of diamonds, marquise diamonds can be long or short. All the stones are elegant, stunning, truly unique and beautiful.

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