Earrings Complete the Look

What piece of jewelry does the most essential part of completing a look?

Why, the earring, of course – because it’s most suited to framing that beautiful face of yours. Earrings are like fine perfume: they give just a hint of glow that lingers with every move you make. And they’re not just for women anymore! These days, men are making fashion statements with their ears, too.

The Many Styles of Earrings

So many styles to choose from – who knew?


  • the most popular, especially diamond studs
  • single gem or precious metal sits on the ear surface
  • look great on a narrow face
  • can be worn with jeans and a tee or a night-on-the-town look


  • circle the ear from front to back
  • thin, large hoops are young and trendy; small hoops are classic and elegant; versatile
  • can be simple metal, garnished with a gem, encrusted with diamonds or asymmetrical
  • look great on a square face
  • can be worn with business attire or weekend wardrobe


  • fall just below the earlobe; also called ear pendants
  • can be all metal or combined with gemstones
  • look great with any hair length
  • perfect for work wear


  • drop earring that’s dramatic because of complex shape, long length and size
  • include multiple gems and metal elements; can be heavy on earlobe
  • look great on heart-shaped and oval faces
  • provide slimming effect for round faces
  • great for looks that stand up to drama and movement; can catch on clothes or tangle in hair


  • simple chain slides through ear piercing, allowing the gem, diamond or metal to hang free in the front
  • can be easy to wear
  • look great on heart-shaped faces
  • can catch on clothes or tangle in hair


  • small, thick hoop earring that hugs the earlobe
  • design lends itself to rows of gemstones or diamonds
  • can also be etched, studded or feature worked metal

Ear Cuffs

  • piercings not required to wear
  • designed to slide over the outer ear and hug securely
  • can be a plain cuff; dangles of metal or gems
  • almost always sold as singles
  • look great on women with very short hair

Ear Plugs

  • a short, cylindrical earring commonly worn in larger-gauge body piercings
  • sometimes called earplugs or earspools
  • much thicker than a standard metal earring, can be made from almost any material
  • look great on men

Consider Earring Metals

Earrings are made from every type of metal, including stainless steel, different colors gold, platinum, titanium, copper and sterling silver. If you nickel allergy, which can cause itching, rash, swelling and blisters, choose nickel-free metals, such as 18K yellow gold, platinum, titanium, copper and sterling silver. Stay away from white gold that usually contains nickel.

Choose metal for earrings based on your complexion. For instance, fair skin looks better with white or silver metals while darker skin tones like yellow gold.

There’s a Back for That

Earrings are fastened to the ear with earring backs, and we have a lot of options here, too. A post, also called push backs, push-back clips, friction backs and tension backs, is a single rod of wire fastened to the back of an earring that goes through a piercing and into held with a stud backing or plastic piece behind the earlobe. With a screw back, a single rod of wire literally screws into the stud backing. The omega back, French back or hinge runs from the earring through the piercing into a hinged loop in the shape of the Greek “omega” to hold it in place. Dangly earrings often have latch or lever backings that hold an earring in place with a latch or hinged lever attached to the back of the earring. French wires thread through the piercing to hold the earring in place. Snap-lock clasps are popular on hoop earrings, which snap into a latch on the opposite side of the earring. Clip-ons are held in place with a hinged pressure clip on the back of the ear or with a screw that tightens onto the earlobe.

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