Love rare and beautiful white sapphires? Things to consider before selecting a white sapphire engagement ring.

You might not know whether you’ve ever seen a white sapphire engagement ring, because they’re often mistaken for diamonds. While the two stones might look the same to the naked eye, they have some deep-down differences.

How do white sapphires compare with diamonds?

Both are certainly popular choices. Both are considered precious gemstones along with emeralds and rubies. One might be better for you than the other, depending on your preferences. For instance, if September is your birth month, a white sapphire engagement ring would also contain your birthstone. A few more comparisons:

  • Cost. Without question, white sapphires are less expensive than diamonds. They’re also less expensive than almost all other colored sapphires, which can be blue, pink, yellow and other rarer colors. Affordability – compared to diamonds – is a strong point.
  • Durability. A white sapphire ranks a 9 on the scale of hardness, and a diamond is a 10. Although both very strong, a diamond is strongest and has the best long-term durability.
  • Scratch Resistance. A white sapphire is more prone to scratching and abrading than diamonds. A scratch that wouldn’t leave a mark on a diamond could deeply damage a white sapphire. Chips are a different story. A diamond’s crystalline inner structure can allow chips to happen, if the diamond is struck with serious force. Day-to-day, a diamond is more damage-resistant. Under extreme conditions, they’re both at risk.
  • Setting. Because of the scratching/chipping issue described above, it’s very important to get the right setting for the gemstone you choose and for your lifestyle. Consult a jeweler about which setting will protect a white sapphire as well as show its particular brilliance. A bezel setting, for example, could protect the vulnerable edges.
  • Shape/Cut. Both white sapphires and diamonds come in a wide range of shapes and cuts. The possibilities are almost endless – although a keen jeweler will point out any individual considerations that will prevent damage and feature the stone perfectly.
  • Shine. White sapphires sparkle like diamonds when you see them in the store. But over time, a sapphire’s slight propensity to scratch can diminish its surface sparkle. A diamond, which has more hardness, will always look great after a bit of soap and water. A white sapphire will never quite shine the same way as the day it’s bought, unless you commit to professional re-polishing.
  • Size. Size matters in sapphires. White sapphires are more likely than diamonds to appear glassy or cloudy, or have slight internal variation, sometimes called occlusions or windows, that are more obvious in big gems. These tiny variations can be what makes your stone unique, so don’t let it stop you from choosing a white sapphire.
  • Ethics. While some people view white sapphires as a more ethically-sourced choice than diamonds, both are mined responsibly. Make the choice that feels right to you and select a reputable jeweler who can explain all the details and history of your special stone.
  • Insta-fame. Something to consider if your ring will play a starring role on Instagram: Diamonds glitter brightest in photos. White sapphires have excellent shine, too, but if you must have absolute maximum sparkle, opt for a diamond. Experts believe the difference lies in refraction, or how the crystalline structure catches the light.

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