If you want to create the look of a big diamond, a halo style ring is the perfect solution for personalizing your custom engagement ring.

When a center gemstone is encircled by a collection of smaller pavé diamonds or faceted color gemstones, it’s called a halo ring. The circle of gems dazzle with light, bringing attention to the center stone. A high-carat center diamond can appear enormous in a halo setting … and some say that a quarter-, third- or half-carat diamond can look as much as half a carat larger in a halo setting. Big love for the halo effect!

Popular, Timeless Choice

Emerging as a popular choice almost 100 years ago, the halo engagement ring epitomizes the Art Deco movement of the time, inspired by architecture, symmetry and geometric patterns. For example, the white on white on white effect of a round colorless center diamond, surrounded by concentric circles of colorless pavé stones, supported on a narrow, clean band of white gold or platinum creates not only a spectacular statement, the wow factor comes into play when an equal amount of pavé stones are added on either side of the ring, for even more symmetry. Wow, Wow.

Classic as Solitaires, with a Stylish Twist

Today, halos are right behind solitaires as a classic choice for an engagement ring – with more options to personalize and customize that jewelry so it’s unique to you. Here are some of the details:

  • The Center Stone – Fancy-color or colorless diamonds are fashionable choices as well as other precious gemstones such as sapphire and tanzanite. For those on a budget, use the halo effect to bring attention to a smaller single stone.
  • The Cut – Although round and princess-cut center stones are classics, a halo engagement ring can feature oval-, emerald-, pear-, marquise- and radiant-cut center gemstones.
  • The Pavé – Choosing pavé gemstones in a color different from the center gemstone gives the ring a rich look. Like sapphires and rubies surrounding a colorless diamond or colorless diamonds surrounding a fancy pink center stone.
  • The Halos – Yes, your ring can have the classic single halo. You can also choose two and three rows of pavé stones to circle your center stone. Just how “big” do you want to go?
  • The Band – Choosing a simple shape and thickness for your band creates a classic look, while choose to pavé your band adds more bling. A split band or shank also adds another dimension of style; dividing into two narrower bands that are straight or entwined ones, pavé and not.
  • The Precious Metal – The classic choices for the halo engagement ring are white gold or platinum. However, your choice of precious metal can enhance the overall halo effect. Yellow gold is great for diamonds with some yellow coloring, rose gold pairs beautifully with pink diamonds or colored gemstones such as green peridot and two-tone settings can be a truly unusual choice.

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