All diamond rings aren’t engagement rings and that makes them all the more engaging.

What’s the timeless saying? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That’s it. The often-quoted words that express the fact that wearing diamonds lets you shine and sparkle every day, everywhere you go. Diamond rings go way beyond engagement. Add bling to every occasion with the number one hottest diamond ring design trend of the year. Can you guess it? We’ll count them down for you:

15- Rose gold. With its cheerful pinkish hue that flatters diamonds and skin, rose gold has become a standout for diamond rings. Even the most traditional setting looks fresh in rose gold.

14- Dainty and delicate. Sophisticated celebrities have made dainty diamond rings a thing, including Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, Priscilla Chan. She wears a $25,000 ruby and diamond ring that’s quite dainty.

13- Stackables. Stacked rings are s fan-favorite style – especially when they’re wrapped with a band of sparkling diamonds.

12- Round Bezeled. Another popular trend is showing off one single beautiful diamond in a simple bezeled or flush setting. Actress Julia Stiles wears one, set in on-trend rose gold.

11- East-West Settings. Rather than positioning an oval or rectangular diamond up-and-down on your ring, set it horizontally for a standout look.

10- Twists. A twisted band adds dimension and gives the opportunity to set diamonds among the twists for a rich, layered look.

9- Double Shanks. In this design, the band splits into two arms on each side to surround a central diamond. The shanks can also be encrusted with diamonds for a particularly artful design.

8- Mixed Metals. No need to settle on one metal when you can mix them. It’s an on-trend look that can also be used in stackables and eternity rings, highlighting your diamonds along the way.

7- Slim Cuts. Pear and marquise-shaped diamonds have a graceful shape that elongates the finger and adds instant glam.

6- Square Cuts and Bands. A square band can be more comfortable than a round one and square shapes add a note of architectural flair.

5- Rainbows of Color. Color is very on-trend. Pair diamonds with other precious gemstones, like sapphires and emeralds, semi-precious stones like Rhodolite garnet or put the color right in the diamond itself. Yellow, pink, chocolate and black diamonds are fabulous conversation starters.

4- Elaborate Sides. When the side details of your ring are elaborate, there’s interest from every angle. Twists and scrollwork along the sides can really highlight a diamond.

3- Floral and Organic. Natural shapes fit right in with a worldwide trend toward being more organic. Try flower, petal and vine shapes.

2- Vintage and Victorian. For a ring with heirloom flair, add Victorian or art deco details. Vintage-inspired diamond rings have been spotted on celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Moss and Olivia Wilde.

And now … Are you ready for the #1 trend of the year? Custom Design. Women have always wanted to exude their individual beauty, and personalized custom-designed jewelry allows complete flexibility to do so. Express your unique style and let your dreams run wild with a custom-designed diamond creation.

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