Are they green? Are they yellow? Are they even from Earth? Peridots glisten with ancient mystery.

The shimmering yellow-green peridot captures the imaginations of jewelry lovers across the centuries, sometimes dismissed as make-believe only to be discovered anew. Hence, its moniker as the “lost and found gem” is likely well-suited to August’s mythical birthstone.

The rare peridot is prized in the ancient world, especially in cultures living close to volcanoes due to how it is formed – far underground, from intense volcanic pressure. For 3,500 years peridots could only be mined exclusively from Snake Island. A huge peridot is worn as the central stone in the royal pendant of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, whose kingdom includes this remote island in the Red Sea.

Peridots are mentioned twice in the Bible and are thought to be one of the 12 precious stones Moses carries with him from Mount Sinai. They are often given as gifts of spiritual significance, imparting the wearer with prosperity, dignity and vitality – if not an air of mystery as well.

The Modern Mystery of Peridots

Do you know some peridots are literally out of this world? They arrive on Earth as pallasite meteorites or flaming asteroids that reach the surface of the planet. Legend has it that owning one of these rare peridots brings extraordinary luck and success.

According to modern gemologists, many historical mentions of the emerald gemstone are probably misidentified peridots – including famous emeralds worn by Cleopatra. While emeralds and many other gems come in a variety of shades, peridots have a slim range of yellow-green hues. Some lean slightly toward a more yellow color; most are a grassy spring green.

In the U.S., most peridots are mined from reserves in the southwest. Deep under the desert, iron and magnesium come together under high pressure to form a raw peridot, which is unearthed, cut and shined to bright green brilliance.

Perhaps the most famous modern peridot is the Green Goddess, a 154-carat pear-shaped treasure. Introduced at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, it is set into a gold pendant in 2008 by jewelry expert Lester Lampert. The Green Goddess is on display at Chicago’s Field Museum and is one of the world’s oldest mined peridots, unearthed long ago from the depths of Snake Island.

As the birthstone of August, peridots bring a fresh burst of green in the red heat of summer. With their striking yellow-green-ness, they look beautiful set in gold and create sparkling contrast when scattered among diamonds.

If you desire jewelry that showcases your August birthday and your flair for the mysterious, ask us about custom designing a piece with peridots today.

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