From the traditional solitaire to the glittering halo, which is your favorite?

Lovers of all things jewelry often want to know: What’s the most popular diamond ring style? We hear it loud and clear, especially when someone is deciding on an engagement ring style or another type of ring they’ll want to wear for a lifetime.

We know every respectable ring wearer craves what’s on-trend and most-loved -both now and for years to come- so here’s a peek at the five most popular diamond ring styles in the United States, and why they get so much love.


The Diamond Solitaire

Ring trends come and go, and the diamond solitaire is perennially the number one most popular ring style in the U.S. For decades. And for good reason. Although it varies, it often comes down to the solitaire’s classic style and sophistication.

Because a diamond solitaire puts all the focus on one stone, it’s important to get the highest-quality diamond you can afford and ensure it’s from a jeweler with a reliable reputation. Solitaire settings often have a high profile above the finger, meaning you may need to go back to your jeweler periodically to check the setting and ensure everything is in place.


The Bezel Setting

Over the past few decades, the bezel setting, a carefully-wrapped flush-mount style, has gained fans by leaps and bounds. It’s now the second-most popular style. Why? Probably because it’s also the most secure style of diamond mounting. You can be adventurous and free, without worrying about your ring.

Like its sister the diamond solitaire, the bezel diamond is the absolute star of the ring. It should be selected carefully with the help of an expert jeweler.


The Pavé Setting

Pronounced French-style, as in puh-VAY, the pavé setting has become another most-popular ring style. It has a large central diamond surrounded by small, sparkling stones – usually diamonds – that give maximum shine to the entire setting. Every surface glitters, including the band.

Many jewelry experts attribute the appeal of the pavé setting to its emphasis on sparkle rather than precious metal. Rather than noticing a gold or silver color shining from your finger, people see nothing but diamonds, diamonds, diamonds.


The Three Stone Ring

The next most popular rung style is the multi-stone diamond ring, also known as a three-stone or Bostonian style. Although some people select this style simply because they like the look of multiple stones, these rings also have a specific meaning: the past, present and future of a relationship.

A trio of gorgeous diamonds is most popular for a three stone ring; however, it offers a way to features a diamond by choosing other colored gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, or sapphires to flank a central gem. It’s all about what the stones mean to you and how you want them to sparkle on your hand.


The Halo Ring

Up and coming in ring popularity is the halo ring, which has recently gained scores of fans among newly-engaged couples. A halo ring is like a pavé ring to the extreme, with a center diamond that’s enclosed and encrusted by numerous pave diamonds.

Halo rings have a big moment in the 1920’s, so today they’re often favored by fans of vintage jewelry and retro-nouveau looks. The visual effect of the halo is dramatic and luxurious, well-suited for anyone with a flair for fashion.

Kate Middleton’s ring, dubbed the most famous oval halo engagement ring in the world, once belonged to Princess Diana. The Duchess of Cambridge and her engagement immediately brings halo rings straight back into the world’s top five favorites. Some jewelers are now calling the halo ring the next number one style in the United States.

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