Pink is just one hue in the multi-colored Tourmaline palette.

Pink Tourmaline or Rubellite runs the color scale from bubblegum pink and pale pastels to purple-pink and rose. It is just one hue in this gemstone’s multi-colored palette.

The word, “tourmaline” comes from the Sinhalese phrase, stone of mixed colors. It can be black, green, red, yellow, pink or blue and all the shades in-between. Tourmaline’s brilliant rainbow of color is inspiring this year’s jewelry trends big time. Your hardest task is deciding on the color you want most.

Pink, Green and Watermelon

This trendy gem even imitates the look of watermelon – pink on the inside and green on the outside. Tourmaline is found all over the world, even in America. The Mount Mica mine in Paris Hill, Maine is mining Tourmaline since the 1920’s when they discover the strawberry-pink and mint-green stones. The Himalaya Mine in San Diego County, California opens in 1898 and goes on to unearth 250,000 pounds of pink, green, bi-color, tri-color and watermelon Tourmaline.

Interesting …

  • The Widest Range of Colors – Tourmaline boasts the broadest spectrum of color varieties among gemstones. The most expensive are Blue Indicolite, Green Verdelite and Pink Rubellite.
  • Revealing Characteristics – Stones are transparent or opaque. Translucent Tourmaline shows off its brilliance when cut into faceted shapes while opaque stones look best as cabochons or beads.
  • Shapely Pink Tourmaline – Because of the elongated crystal inclusions, Pink Tourmaline is often cut into rectangular form, although other shapes draw attention to its structure as well. Pink Tourmaline cut in traditional shapes (cushion, oval and emerald) draw the highest price per carat.
  • Famous Tourmaline – In 1777, Swedish King Gustavus III gives Caesar’s Ruby, a 250-caret gem, to Russia’s Catherine the Great. Later identified as Tourmaline, the jewel loses none of its value, becoming part of the legendary Romanov treasure.
  • Wedding Celebration – A Tourmaline gem is a traditional gift for an eighth wedding anniversary.
  • Magnetic Personality – Due to its complex molecular structure, Tourmaline becomes electrically charged when warmed by heat (pyroelectricity) or pressure (piezoelectricity). One end attracts negative charges and the other end is positive. One stone can pick up dust and small paper.
  • Tiffany Inspiration – Before the 1800’s, the use of colored gemstones is rare in the U.S. In 1876, Charles Lewis Tiffany receives a sizeable green Tourmaline stone that inspires him to add colorful gemstones to his jewelry creations. Colored gems become a trend.
  • Sensitive Heart – Rating a 7.0 on the Mohs scale for hardness, Tourmaline is used for pressure sensitive instrumentation on submarines during WWII. Gauges used to measure the power of the first atomic bomb tests are made from Tourmaline.

Wearing Tourmaline is Special

In certain circles, Tourmaline’s magical power is legendary. Pink Tourmaline gives permanence and stability to relationships, whether love or friendship. It inspires wisdom, self-confidence and creativity for the wearer. Tourmaline is also a healing crystal said to repair the nervous system, blood and lymph glands. Shamans believe it strengthens the body and spirit, warding off negative energies.

As a symbol of love and commitment, Tourmaline gemstones make an extraordinary engagement ring. Mystical influences or not, Pink Tourmaline can make any wearer feel special. 

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