A milestone birthday is the perfect time to give jewelry.

A person only turns 18 once, and this milestone birthday needs a big celebration. Gifts like clothing, gadgets or bath products just don’t seem momentous enough for the occasion. That’s why jewelry is the perfect option for an important birthday – it shows how much you value someone on their special day.

Main Milestone Birthdays

12 – the last childhood year before becoming a teenager

13 – teenagerhood, and the age of maturity in many traditions

15 – the quinceañera or 15th year celebration

16 – the sweet 16 year

18 – the U.S. age of becoming an adult

21 – a year of adult celebration and widely known as the legal drinking age

25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 90 and 100 – all milestone years in a person’s life

What Jewelry for Which Birthday?

If you’re trying to decide what kind of jewelry to give for a special person’s birthday, your decision could be swayed by their age and taste. Pointers for picking out the perfect gift include:

  • Ages 12 and 13: By this age, children are old enough to take care of jewelry and have individual preferences for jewelry shapes and styles. Girls are often enraptured by symbolism that suits their blossoming personality, like flowers, hearts, angels’ wings, birds, horses, butterflies, religious symbols and glittering gemstones. A charm bracelet or pendant necklace is a wonderful gift for a girl. Boys at this age usually gravitate toward sturdy gold chains, small crosses, other religious symbols and durable watches.
  • Ages 15 and 16: This age is particularly associated with bold young women who are developing personal taste and style. They’re often drawn to precious jewels and bright metal jewelry that shows a degree of sophistication. Birthstone jewelry is an excellent gift for a lady celebrating her milestone 15th or 16th birthday.
  • Ages 18 and 21: Young women and men are becoming full-fledged adults at these ages. They’re likely to welcome a serious, valuable jewelry gift like a watch, locket, pearl or diamond necklace, or a matched set of earrings and necklace/ring/bracelet. A boyfriend or girlfriend might give a promise ring, which shows an adult level of care and dedication.
  • Ages 25 and 30: By this age, adults are expanding their jewelry collections. They’ll likely enjoy receiving beautiful, classic statement pieces that they can treasure for a lifetime. Simple but valuable gold and silver jewelry is almost universally welcome. Depending on the person’s taste, they may adore one of these classic options: a pearl necklace, a stack of gold bracelets, gold or silver hoop earrings, diamond stud earrings, a personalized or monogrammed ring, a long delicate chain necklace or a stylish watch.
  • Age 30, 40 and up: As people mature and become more experienced jewelry buyers, they understand the value of a unique jewelry gift. Their individual tastes are very important, so show you care by taking note of their preferences: gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, sleek styles, ornate pieces. Opt for something that shows a personal connection – perhaps the shape of their favorite flower or animal, a piece that evokes a shared memory or a custom-designed piece from their favorite jeweler.

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