The good news is kids of all ages have a natural interest and even attraction to rocks, especially crystals. Not only are they learning about geology, petrology, mineralogy and crystallography in their science classes at school (the study of the Earth, rock formation, minerals and crystals respectively), they are fascinated by their beauty, color and form. Some say children are also drawn to their energy (more on that later).

The world of rocks, crystals and gemstones is a wonderful way for kids to explore the raw beauty of nature and the processes that create such beauty. Youth groups such as Boy and Girl Scouts organize rock hunting events and hands-on experiments using natural minerals and gems, while organizations such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) offer intro classes to gemology and in-depth materials to teachers across the globe through its GemKids Program. And, the cool thing about crystals is kids can grow them and learn how to compare kid-made ones with natural crystals. Many-a-future jeweler is likely to be inspired!

Introduce Your Kids to Friedrich Mohs

Do your kids collect rocks, gems and minerals? Every mineral collector should know about the Mohs’ Scale of Hardness, developed by a German-born man named Friedrich Mohs. In 19th century Austria, Mr. Mohs invents a test to determine the hardness of minerals. The Mohs’ Scale of Hardness is a list of 10 minerals arranged from softest to hardest:

  1. Talc
  2. Gypsum
  3. Calcite
  4. Fluorite
  5. Apatite
  6. Orthoclase Feldspar
  7. Quartz
  8. Topaz
  9. Corundum
  10. Diamond

To this day, we still use this scale to determine the hardness of all minerals. Pretty good history, this (notice which mineral is a number 10!).

Crystals and Gemstones for Kids

Tumbled stones are a great way to introduce kids to crystals and gemstones as they are easy to hold and have no sharp edges or fragile parts. A beginner’s list of crystals for kids includes:

Amethyst – known as the stone of spirituality and contentment, it is popular because of its color.

Agate – the stone of strength and courage, it is often dyed in brilliant bright colors that kids are attracted to.

Clear Quartz – known as the stone of clear thinking and awareness, it is the most common crystal on Earth.

Rose Quartz – the stone of love and harmonious relationships, it is a warm pink color.

Green Aventurine – known as the stone of compassion and good heath, it protects against electromagnetic energy and environmental pollution.

Carnelian – the stone of creativity and present reality, it is from the family of Agates and ranges in color from orange to deep red.

Tiger Eye – known as the stone of confidence and courage, it is shiny, brown and yellow, just like a tiger’s eye and kids love this.

Stone Medicine

Some believes minerals are more than rocks. They are agents of change and healing, growth and stability, awareness and expansion – the bedrocks of multi-dimensional medicine, so to speak. It’s called stone medicine and complements traditional medical treatment. Wearing a copper bracelet to help with arthritis, an emerald bracelet to get over a cold or an aquamarine necklace to improve a shy child’s self-expression is stone healing in action.

Stone medicine is thought to be a form of natural chemical medicine. Since our bodies are composed of natural minerals, using stones that also contain these elements can provide healing electromagnetic energy. When placed on or around the physical body, stones are said to infuse or absorb certain energies to balance the entire bodily system. Fascinating, really.

If you have ever attended a yoga class and noticed gemstones and minerals placed in different areas of the room, you’re practicing with the benefit of stone healing. Children, of course, experience subtle energy quite readily, which is one of the reasons they may be drawn to crystals – they especially like to touch, feel and hold them. This also may be why we all like to touch, feel, hold and own them!

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