Do you know the differences between designer jewelry and custom-designed jewelry?

Shopping for jewelry is an exhilarating experience. It’s just so dazzling to see all of the gems, metals, settings and designs to choose from.

If you can’t find the exact piece you’re dreaming of, though – you might be wondering about the difference between designer and custom-designed jewelry. They’re very different choices. What sets them apart?

Design Options

Designer jewelry comes from a brand name jeweler or jewelry house. You might buy it directly from the jeweler or from an authorized outlet. Although the jewelry is marketed to the public as the original work of a certain jewelry designer or brand, that doesn’t mean the piece is unique. Although it’s an original design, which is usually trademarked, the jewelry itself is produced in large quantities for a mass audience.

Custom-designed jewelry starts as an idea -your idea- and has never been created before. Each piece is designed in a creative partnership between you and a jewelry design expert. This means you will be making a lot of detailed decisions along the way, with the help of your jeweler, of course. Your design options are endless and the result will be precisely what you have in mind.

Type of Prestige

There’s no question that certain designer brands come with tremendous prestige. Names like Tiffany & Co. and Cartier are recognized around the world for the quality and timelessness of the jewelry they design. For some jewelry buyers, there’s just no substitute for buying from a designer brand.

For others, it’s far more important to create the jewelry of their dreams. Custom-designed jewelry comes with a different kind of prestige – the status of owning a truly unique piece of art. That’s why many celebrities, like Kate Middleton and Beyoncé, prefer custom jewelry that’s as unique as they are.

Creative Boundaries

Designer brands are well-suited for people who don’t necessarily want to be part of the creative process behind brainstorming a piece of jewelry. They put their trust in the designer brand, preferring to select something that’s already beautiful and finished, from the moment they see it.

Custom-designed jewelry is for people who want to explore the horizons of their creativity and imagine something that’s 100% unique. They might have a Pinterest page full of ideas, a preference for ethically-sourced materials or a treasured heirloom piece to use as inspiration (which can be restored or re-designed, too. See the possibility?!). There are truly no creative boundaries when it comes to designing custom jewelry.

Quality and Workmanship

Designer brands almost always have world-class workmanship. Just the designer name can evoke a terrific reputation with decades – or even centuries – of design knowledge behind each designer piece. Still, “designer” is in the eye of the beholder. Many a jewelry shopper feels disappointed at not finding their ideal piece in the cases of a jewelry store.

Custom-designed jewelry has a level of craftsmanship that’s just as high, or even much higher, than designer jewelry. It depends heavily on which custom designer you select and how well you work together to develop the design. In this respect, it’s essential to choose a personal jeweler with a stellar reputation for creating exquisite jewelry.

Your Custom Jewelry IS a Designer Brand

You probably have a family physician, a family banker … maybe even a family hair stylist. Certain services require someone you can trust to take care of your unique needs.

Shouldn’t your jewelry -priceless commemorations of your family’s most precious moments- also be taken care of by someone you know and trust? Someone who understands you and what you want for your jewelry? Why, of course – because the jewelry you have custom-designed privately by your family jeweler really is the designer brand you’ve been looking for.

Let us to be your Family Jeweler! At Indy Facets, we strive to create meaningful relationships with you in a relaxed, welcoming and private environment, so that we can best serve you – make your jewelry dreams a reality.

Want to give custom-designed jewelry for the holidays? Ask us about our Custom Design Gift Experience.

Indy Facets – Everyone’s Private Jeweler

Indy Facets seamlessly blends the expertise and full service of a traditional jewelry store with the value and convenience of a personal jeweler experience. We give you the face-to-face interaction with an expert that you deserve, in a private setting where you can relax and feel comfortable. Owner/Designer Shaun Goodyear and his team have earned an excellent reputation as everyone’s private jeweler for engagement rings, custom design, investment grade diamonds, luxury Swiss timepieces, estate jewelry, jewelry repair and the highest level of customer service, available to you from an onsite, state-of-the-art Custom Design Studio and Gemological Laboratory by private appointment only. You are guaranteed a unique, fun and exciting experience without the hype, pressure, judgment or uncertainty associated with other jewelry shopping options. We schedule appointments at your convenience and are usually available evenings and weekends, too. Call 317-810-1665 for your private appointment or schedule online,

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