Children love expressing themselves through jewelry. Help them select something that balances their excited longings with age-appropriateness.

A little girl’s eyes light up when she sees a shiny charm bracelet. She wants to know: What are all those little shapes? What do they mean? Can she have one?

This kind of youthful enthusiasm for jewelry is a precious thing. It taps into our deepest desires for self-expression, possessing something beautiful and connecting with other people over the meaning of it all. When you buy jewelry for children, you’re offering them a wonderful treasure from the adult world.

Of course, you’re also giving a gift that comes with some responsibility. Children’s jewelry should always be safe for them to wear and age-appropriate. If they’re still young enough to put things in their mouths, they’re too young for certain types of jewelry like necklaces and removable earrings. Keep these touchstones in mind when choosing jewelry for children.

Age and Traditions

Every culture has its own customs when it comes to jewelry. For some people, piercing a baby’s ears is a time-honored tradition; for others, it’s viewed as a risky procedure. Make sure you understand how the family feels about their child’s jewelry selections at various ages. When in doubt, choose something that coincides with a child’s personal experience – like giving a durable watch to your nephew who has just learned to tell time.

Allergy Sensitivities

Another consideration is whether a child has any allergies, like a nickel allergy that would make certain jewelry irritate their skin. Allergies work in mysterious ways. Gold is traditionally viewed as a metal that is non-irritating – unless it has added nickel. For a small number of people, all metals make their skin feel itchy, including gold. Work with a jeweler who can make recommendations for specific allergies and their effects.

Fashionable Kid Style

After you’ve considered all of the basics like age and allergies, it’s on to the fun part of selecting something they’ll love. Take a moment to think about a child’s interests. Does your daughter love animals? Does your niece play a sport? Children tend to enjoy nature-themed jewelry that includes things like hearts, flowers, butterflies, rainbows, peace symbols, dogs, cats and panda bears (who doesn’t?). Does she love to wear barrettes in her hair? Do they like pearls, beads, dress-up, things in Mommy’s jewelry box? Birthstone jewelry, ID or leather bracelets and metal rings are also popular among tweens and teens (if you’re not sure what a tween is – they’re considered too old to be a child and too young to be a teenager – preteen kids between the ages of 10 and 12).

Celebrate Memories

Just like an adult, a child enjoys receiving jewelry that honors a special memory or event. If you take them on a trip, pick out a necklace that will remind them of your shared experience. If they’re graduating from elementary school, select a grown-up, stylish piece of jewelry they can wear as they transition to middle school. Jewelry is the perfect way to help a child celebrate big moments and remember them for a lifetime.

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