For your convenience, privacy and comfort, Indy Facets meets with clients by appointment only.

If you desire an appointment within the next 24 hours or in the evening or on a weekend, outside of “regular” business hours, we will be happy to accommodate you! It’s just one of the perks of working with a private jeweler.

Buying jewelry is a big investment -in time, money and meaning. Many jewelry lovers feel it is a pleasure all on its own – yet the experience is truly elevated when conducted in a private showroom. It’s really all about how you value quality and service.

What Makes Purchasing Exclusive Jewelry from a Private Jeweler Such a Memorable Experience

  • Style Choices & Exceptional Quality. Private jewelers hand-select precious metals and gemstones from reputable sources for unique, custom-designed pieces. They strive to maintain a reputation for outstanding quality and service, ensuring that your pieces will retain their value year after year. Your jewelry is made-to-order and belongs to no one else.
  • Exclusive Personal Attention. During your appointment, you have the undivided attention of a jewelry expert who will share with you all their knowledge and experience. They will take the time to answer all your questions for as long as you need, with no interruptions from other clients.
  • Service Tailored to You. Private jewelers are meticulous about helping you find that one-of-a-kind, special, unique piece. They will listen to your wishes and requirements for everything from the diamond, gemstone, precious metal, design preferences and budget. The exclusive environment -with everything jewelers need right at their fingertips- helps to facilitate all this creativity.
  • Take the Time to Dream. Exceptionally fine jewelry and diamonds are available for you during your visit to try on, view in a mirror, under a scope or simply gaze at as you take your time deciding what your best and most pleasurable purchase will be.
  • No Spoiling the Surprise. In an exclusive private jeweler environment, you can look for a diamond ring or a necklace for a special present – and keep it a total secret! No one else will see you purchasing that engagement ring, possibly spoiling the surprise.
  • Best Prices Possible. Regardless of the high level of quality and limited quantities, private jewelers have their clients’ wishes -and budgets- in mind when determining fair and reasonable prices for the exceptional jewelry they provide.

Whether you’re interested in Custom Jewelry Design, Engagement & Wedding Rings, Diamonds, Jewelry Repair, Sizing or Appraisals, Selling to Us, the Perfect Wedding Guide or simply dropping off and picking up your jewelry, we at Indy Facets love to guide you through your experience, offering our personal expertise and assistance with all things beautiful … diamonds, gemstones, precious metals and jewels.

Indy Facets – Everyone’s Private Jeweler

Indy Facets seamlessly blends the expertise and full service of a traditional jewelry store with the value and convenience of a personal jeweler experience. We give you the face-to-face interaction with an expert that you deserve, in a private setting where you can relax and feel comfortable. Owner/Designer Shaun Goodyear and his team have earned an excellent reputation as Indiana’s private jeweler for engagement rings, custom design, investment grade diamonds, luxury Swiss timepieces, estate jewelry, jewelry repair and the highest level of customer service, available to you from an onsite, state-of-the-art Custom Design Studio and Gemological Laboratory by private appointment only. You are guaranteed a unique, fun and exciting experience without the hype, pressure, judgment or uncertainty associated with other jewelry shopping options. We schedule appointments at your convenience, and are usually available evenings and weekends, too. Call 317-810-1665 for your private appointment or schedule online,


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