When Justin decides he wants to spend the rest of his life with Amy, he makes an appointment with Indy Facets to find that perfect engagement ring. For Justin, the buying experience that you get with Indy Facets is unlike any other. “We start with a couple of pictures and ideas and I pick the perfect center stone,” Justin says. “Shaun turns all of that into a sketch of the ring, then a 3D printed version that I could hold in my hand, and finally, the finished ring.”

Jewelry design and manufacturing is enjoying a remarkable transformation these days, powered by Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), such as 3-D printing. In addition to providing a top-of-the-line private jeweler experience for our clients, they also benefit from CAD/CAM technology in our state-of-the-art Custom Design Studio.

3D Printing Revolution

The potential of 3D printing is game-changing for many industries including jewelry design, where time, precision and cost-effectiveness are key. Jewelers start by using CAD technology to quickly create proofs of concept or precise mirror images. Modifications and customizations can be made with the click of a mouse, and the new model can be printed on demand with a 3D printer. These print resin prototypes of the CAD model are easily cast. The chosen metal is poured into the digitally-designed, precisely-proportioned mold. Once it hardens, gemstones are added and set by an expert jeweler based on exact specifications. Instant customization. What’s more, jewelers can 3D print more than one object at the same time, producing multiple pieces in the time it used to take to produce one. Ultra-affordable.
There’s nothing more rewarding for us than the honor of being a part of our friend’s and client’s special moments … like getting that text with a photo of this moment after a wedding proposal: ‘She said yes! And she loves the ring!’ It means the world to us, and really solidifies why we do what we do.

Custom Jewelry in Real Time

While jewelers are shaking up the $275+ billion industry using CAD/CAM technology, shoppers are having their own designs customized, finished and delivered in as little as three or four days. This revolution inspires one lifelong jeweler to proclaim, “We’re empowering consumers to make jewelry in real-time.” Since the process mixes traditional jewelry making and design with 3D printing, it’s exciting for the jeweler as well – because we can explore a design with an incredible amount of detail.

“I want to give Shaun and his team a big thank you for making the perfect ring for the perfect fiancé,” Justin says. “Their value can’t be beat. I would refer anyone to Indy Facets for your jewelry needs; they love what they do and it shows.”

Indy Facets – Everyone’s Private Jeweler

Indy Facets seamlessly blends the expertise and full service of a traditional jewelry store with the value and convenience of a personal jeweler experience. We give you the face-to-face interaction with an expert that you deserve, in a private setting where you can relax and feel comfortable. Owner/Designer Shaun Goodyear and his team have earned an excellent reputation as Indiana’s private jeweler for engagement rings, custom design, investment grade diamonds, luxury Swiss timepieces, estate jewelry, jewelry repair and the highest level of customer service, available to you from an onsite, state-of-the-art Custom Design Studio and Gemological Laboratory by private appointment only. You are guaranteed a unique, fun and exciting experience without the hype, pressure, judgment or uncertainty associated with other jewelry shopping options. We schedule appointments at your convenience, and are usually available evenings and weekends, too. Call 317-810-1665 or schedule online, indyfacets.com/schedule.

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