Powerful men always wear diamonds. Yep, the masculine mystique comes with a little bling.

Do you know that the most famous diamond in history was originally worn by a man? King Louis XIV is first owner of that jewel -the Hope Diamond- and he adds it to the exquisite royal jewelry collection of France. In fact, diamonds are still prized by kings and business leaders the world over as symbols of power, virility, wealth and luxury.

Today’s diamond-wearing men aren’t necessarily kings or business leaders, but they know how to show off some sparkle. Men’s rings tend to be bulkier and wider than women’s rings, designed to complement a man’s larger hands – even more room to include handsomely-cut diamonds.

20 Hot Trends in Men’s Diamond Rings

Classic styles have endless popularity among men, but some fresh trends are also mixing things up. Here’s a huge list of male requests many jewelers are seeing lately.

  1. Square-cut diamonds set in wide columns around the band, forming the kind of geometric look favored by actor and professional wrestler David Otunga
  2. Family crest rings, custom-designed to show off personal lineage
  3. A platinum band studded with large square-cut diamonds, like soccer star David Beckham’s ring
  4. White or yellow gold bands with glistening yellow diamonds
  5. A wide platinum band with four rows of sparkling pave diamonds, which is another ring also worn by David Beckham
  6. Organic designs that incorporate diamonds into leaf or branch shapes
  7. A delicate solitaire ring inspired by feminine jewelry design, a la Johnny Depp
  8. Stylized animal shapes, like jaguars and horses, that use diamond highlights for eyes or teeth, echoing Cartier’s famous Panthere rings
  9. A gold eternity band wrapped with large emerald-cut diamonds, like that of former NFL football player Osi Umenyiora
  10. Simple steely bands with flashes of small inset diamonds, created for maximum durability
  11. Large, bold rings encrusted with a mix of large and small diamonds across the top face of the ring only
  12. Striped bands in white and yellow gold, with simple diamond cuts
  13. A masculine take on the eternity band, with two small rows of diamonds encircling the top and bottom of the band
  14. Another eternity-style ring with a row of larger diamonds sitting along just the top or bottom of the band
  15. A simple gold or platinum band with a single, sparkling gypsy-set round diamond
  16. A wide band with one large, channel-set square diamond
  17. A matte-finish platinum ring with many small, inset diamonds in a pattern
  18. Wide bands with a central wrap of channel-set diamonds mixed with black sapphires
  19. Woven and hammered designs with flecks of diamonds built into the design
  20. Rings that incorporate both traditional diamonds and a highlight color from other gems with personal meaning: a birthstone, sports team colors, heirloom stones, bride’s favorite gem

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