Engagement Rings, Bridal Rings – What’s the Difference?

Jewelry world definitions of common ring terms, for the curious mind.

Exactly how many rings does a groom-to-be have to buy to ask a bride-to-be to marry? And what kind of rings do they need? Savvy brides want to know, too. So, what are the rules? With so many ring types out there, it can be pretty confusing.

Not to worry, we’ve assembled everything you need to know about rings and marriage. Well, the definition of ring terms, at least. Bottom line: The perfect ring is the one you custom-design for the occasion. At Indy Facets.

In the jewelry world …


Engagement Ring – refers to the ring given by the groom to the bride when their marriage is proposed, or announced. It is symbol of their love and represents the promise they make to each other to marry. Traditionally, the ring features a center diamond that is larger than any other gemstones on the ring, set in gold or platinum.

Solitaire Ring – refers to an engagement ring that has a single large diamond in the center. Rings with smaller diamonds surrounding the prominent diamond are also called Solitaires.

Wedding Bands – refers to the rings that the bride and groom give each other during the wedding ceremony. Also referred to as Wedding Rings, the bands can be made of plain gold, include small, decorative diamonds, match the engagement ring or match each other. It is the preference of the bride, the groom or both.

Wedding Ring Set – refers to a set of three perfectly complementary rings that includes the engagement ring, plus a wedding band for her and a wedding band for him that match.

Bridal Ring Set – refers to a set of two perfectly complementary rings that includes the engagement ring and a matching wedding band for the bride only.

Stacked Wedding Bands – refers to a new jewelry trend where the bride chooses to wear two wedding bands, one on either side of the engagement ring. Both rings can be worn together from the time of the wedding ceremony. Often the second band is given for an anniversary, birth of a child, birthday or other special occasion.

Incidentally, Wedding Ring can also refer to the engagement ring, perhaps when the word “ring” is not plural. Go figure.

Anniversary Ring or Band – refers to a ring of diamonds given as a gift for a special anniversary. They can be designed to match solitaires and other engagement rings and can be worn as the wedding band. Three-stone anniversary rings symbolize the yesterdays, the todays and the tomorrows of your life together. Also popular are five-stone and seven-stone anniversary rings.

Eternity Ring or Band – refers to a special type of anniversary band that features diamonds all around its circumference to symbolize everlasting love. Rather than tapered, the ring is usually the same band width and the stones are the same size.

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